Wednesday, May 2, 2012

***You Have Won GBP 345,000***

Attention Winner,
This is to officially inform you that you have been selected as a winner!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
Global Subscribers Agents (GSA) held a promotional bonanza draw in line with our April Promotion on 11 April 2012.
The selection process was done with computerized random selections from a database of over 100 million email addresses spanning from North America to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These email addresses were then entered into a draw, and we got 18 winners. You are one of these winners and entitled to a total payment of GBP345,000 (Three Hundred and Forty-Five Thousand British pounds sterlings).
Please note these details:
Ref No: GSA/WIN/2012/APR0478
Batch No: GSA/66342
Serial No: 63541
However you will need to verify your details with our office before your claims can be released. This is because we usually have cases with impersonation (people claiming to be the winners). You are required to contact your assigned claims officer below:
Mr. Peter Hodges
Global Subscribers Agents
Tel: +44 7010 057798
Please send the following details to ensure prompt verification:
Note: All prizes must be claimed/cleared not later than 16/05/2012. After this date, all winnings not claimed will be considered as FORFEITED.
Best regards,
Ms. Linda Baker
Global Subscribers Agents.

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